About Us

Chartham Theatre School was originally one weekly Hip Hop class held at Chartham Village Hall. It was set up on the suggestion of a local parent.

Our number of pupils grew, so we opened a second Hip Hop class, and introduced Singing and Drama classes.

As our number of pupils continued to grow, we added Ballet, Tap, Modern, Boys Only Street Dance, and Acrobatic Dance classes to our timetable, and found a permanent home at Chartham Primary School to accommodate us.

Although we began our original class for the local children in Chartham, our Theatre School is now home to pupils from Wincheap, Chilham, Chartham, Chartham Hatch, Petham, Canterbury, Ashford, Barham and Bridge.

As a staff we are dedicated to teaching the children correctly, safely, and with lots of passion.

“Performance without passion is no performance at all!”

We give our students the opportunity to perform whenever we can.

We encourage pupils to get to know each other properly and to build lasting friendships, so that their classes are positive places for them to be in, in addition to learning their skills.

With a combined 30 years of teaching and performing experience, we aim to accommodate all our students’ needs, whilst providing the same quality training for them all.

We have pupils who wish to pursue a future in the Arts, pupils who come to build their confidence, pupils who come for exercise or to improve their co-ordination skills, pupils who come purely for fun.

We hope that whatever our pupils come for, that they all leave the door with a sense of achievement!