Autumn Term '15 ..... Welcome back!

To all the parents and pupils, we hope you've all had a lovely summer and are well rested!

We finished our Summer term with Summer Showtime at the Lanfranc Theatre - Canterbury College. Thank you once again to all the students who took part for working so hard and making it such a success. Thank you to the parents who kept everything running smoothly backstage, from changing shoes to making sure the children actually made it on stage! An extra thank you to the Canterbury College students who gave up their Sunday to support our show.

Chartham Theatre School FACEBOOK page - We have a few pictures of our show on the page which you can check out. Please don't forget to ' like ' the page please parents. The page is for you and your children. We post regular info, videos etc of acrobatic, dance and musical inspiration for the pupils.

We include everything from dance history to local theatre events, local auditions etc. You are able to direct message us through the page, and it is a usual place where we often repost letters and important info that has not made it home to parents by their beloved children!

You can comment on a related post and converse publicly with other parents, should you wish. However, parents and pupils are unable to make direct posts to the page due to the safety settings of the page. All posts are vetted before publication.

Every performer left the show with a well-earned medal for all their hard work during the last year.

Some of our students were awarded extra commendations for individual achievements -

Student Of The Term Awards 

Congratulations to our winners - ETHAN and EMELIA

Congratulations to our runners-up - MEGAN C, LOUISE H and ERIN

Special Awards ( Awarded for kindnesses not gone unnoticed within the daily running of our school )

Congratulations to MIKKI and EMELIA

Extra Achievement Awards

Congratulations to MICHAEL and ZACHARY for their performance with the Marlowe Theatre Boys Only Company, in the ' Rites of Others '

AUTUMN TERM - Dates for your Diary

September 19th - School CLOSED - The school will be closed on Saturday 19th September. We will open both Saturdays of the October half term to make up Saturday lessons. Apologies for any inconvenience.

October 28th - Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training - Katie will be attending a teacher training day in London. She is required to take 2 students with her for spotting. Level 2 students only may apply.

October 31st - Dance For Peace - We have been invited back to perform at the Whitstable Playhouse this October to raise money for Trust Sulha.  We are looking to take two of our classes to perform this this space!

November 29th - A Christmas Collection - After our success with last year's fundraiser for the Pilgrims Hospices, we are moving to a larger venue, and the fundraiser will be performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre - Canterbury. The fundraiser is an event we set up independently from Chartham Theatre School. We ask several local schools to come together to raise money for this local charity. We will, of course, be asking some of you lovely lot to participate this year as well!

December 5th - BALLET WORKSHOPS with Professional Dance Experience. We are very excited to have Michael Berkin's company visit our school. We have arranged for 3 workshops to take place dependent on age and experience from Age 4+.

We will also be running a Boys Only Workshop. Pupils will learn repertoire from an existing Ballet and parents will be allowed to come and view a performance at the end of their chosen workshop. In addition to the repertoire they will learn, the children will have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about what it is really like to be a Ballet Dancer etc.

The workshop is an interactive experience for the pupils. Places are limited per workshop and will be given on a first come, first served basis.

AUTUMN TERM - Timetable and Fees

We are now running Saturday classes at the school.

We have a new Beginner Acrobatics class for anyone who enjoyed watching the Acrobatic team at the summer show. It's great fun, come and join us.

We have the new ' Masterclass ' for students who are Acrobatics 2 / Grade 3 Ballet level and above only. This class is for dancers who have shown real potential and/or wish to advance themselves to the best of their ability. Please speak directly to Katie if you wish to take one of the places in this class. This class will be taught by Katie Levett and Jasmine Norton.

Brand new Baby Ballet and Tap classes - we would like all your little brother, sisters, cousins and next door neighbours please...spread the word!

Wednesday Night Adult Tap - 7.30pm - Come along Mums, Dads and Grandparents. No experience necessary......good exercise, good company and good fun!

FEES - There has been a slight increase in fees this term, and the discount system has been amended accordingly. Please check in the ' classes ' section for both new timetable and fee information.

Thank you,

Katie & Kristen

Happy New Year Chartham Theatre School!

As we begin 2015, we thought it would a good idea to remind you of your successes in 2014.

“A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION “- Fundraiser for the Pilgrims Hospices

Chartham Theatre School is welcoming the New Year in with a ' Big Well Done! '.We have so far been able to hand to the Pilgrim's Hospices an interim cheque for £1,250.00 raised from the performance on December 14th 2014 -' A Christmas Collection '. We still have money to collect from DVD sales and the Raffle. We will update you regarding the total funds raised.

It was an excellent turn out on the day, with every seat in the auditorium filled. We want to thank you all (both pupils & parents), for your hard work and support. You came together on the day of the event with the 3 other schools/ colleges that we asked to support the fundraiser, to put all your talent together for a very worthwhile charity in our community. We had many lovely compliments, and we are very proud of you all!

An extra thank you to all the parents who made cakes and who jumped in to help with the children during the rehearsal at the theatre.  And... to the parent who offered to help last minute....then found himself manning Stage Door for the entire show ...and finally dressed as Father Christmas making an actual appearance on stage with the Primary Ballet class......I am ......VERY SORRY ( Mr Mears )!!

In October we performed at the Whitstable Playhouse Theatre to help raise money for Trust Sulha, in their annual event ' Dance For Peace '. The money raised gives children from Afghanistan the opportunity to go to school. These are children that desperately want to be educated so that they can build a better future for themselves, their families and Afghanistan.

The founder of Trust Sulha - Marnie Summerfield, sent us a letter which included -

“Thank you ALL - dancers and teachers - so very, very much for giving your time, energy and skills to perform at Dance For Peace 2014 in aid of Trust Sulha. You put on a fantastic show and completely dazzled our audience.

We raised - £1,633.00! “

Well done to all those who took part.

To see photographs taken of the children during their rehearsal at Whitstable Playhouse please look on Trust Sulha's Facebook page


The very first lesson taught at Chartham Theatre School ( in our one and only Hip Hop class ), was to the one and only person who turned up......Zachary Spicer!

In September, Zachary Spicer performed in Matthew Bourne's Ballet ' Lord of Flies"

So far, over 6,000 boys and young men have participated in workshops across the country hoping to be accepted for one of the 24 ensemble roles to perform with professional dancers from Matthew Bourne's ' New Adventures ' company. Over 150 boys have appeared in the production up and down the country.

Zachary won a part in the ensemble after a very gruelling audition process. He began rehearsals at the beginning of the Summer Holidays, and had an intensive rehearsal period with the professional company, before appearing on stage at the Marlowe Theatre in September.

I went watch Zachary on his opening night performance with his Mum. I was blown away not only by the performance of all the local young boys and men alongside the professionally trained dancers but by the sheer amount and content of the work they were performing. They were on stage for almost the entire performance and had loads to remember. Their emotional interpretation of the chilling content was most impressive. A real achievement for all the local boys.

Well done Zachary! ( ps...Thank you for taking me to the after show party! )

And also well done to Michael Richards who made it all the way down to the final audition against hundreds of boys. Both boys are a credit to themselves, their families, and our school.


Thank you to all the children for all your hard work.

We raised £100.00 with the Raffle, the proceeds of which went towards the cost of a brand new Ballet Barre.

Thank you to Katie and Daisy's father Ed, who filmed the show and made copies for the children and parents. The proceeds of which he also donated to the school towards the cost of the Ballet Barre.

THE MARLOWE THEATRE - Spires Academy Showcase

This year we made our second appearance at the Marlowe Theatre with the Spires Academy Showcase.

This is as always really hard work that is worth it for the end result. On our first year, the surprise was to throw our youngest Dance Crew in halfway through the number. This year we did the same, but chucked in our Boys Only Crew as well for good measure! The result ...... you were all fabulous on stage.....and I was very pleased with you. The bonus were all very well behaved backstage, and this means if they will have us again...I will be more than happy to take you!

Hopefully, we will be back to perform again this year. The event has become inundated with schools eager to perform, and I know we are not automatically guaranteed a performance slot. I have put in my bid so to fingers crossed everyone.


As we begin 2015, I am qualifying with the Canadian Acrobatic Arts program. This is a program designed for dance teachers to improve their dancers' flexibility, strength, fearlessness, and overall performance. Acrobatic movements are often required of dancers, especially in light of work being inspired by virtuoso performers in ' Cirque Du Soleil ' I am really looking forward to my Acro & Modern class this term.


Please note that Wednesday night class times have changed, as I have had to create an extra Tap class due to a large number of children in beginner Tap. Please come and see me if have any concern.

I hope that 2015 is as successful for Chartham Theatre School as 2014 has been.

Thank you and well done to all.